Sound Off

I've noticed two more double portables installed at Hillcrest School. How much is this costing the school district to either rent or buy these new portables, install a new chain-link fence around them, cut through the brick building to install a new door and the concrete that goes with it when there are classrooms that are empty in other schools?

One single-wide portable was moved in last summer, said Tom Bracciano, the district's operations and facility planning director. The single-wide costs about $7,800 per year to rent. The double-wide portable moved in this year costs $26,700 for installation, this year's rent and the ramp. Yearly rental costs are $14,160. The fence cost about $1,000. The door and concrete cost about $6,500. To remove it will cost $2,600. The portables will accommodate student growth until the 2006-07 school year, when some Hillcrest students will move to Cordley School.


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