Sound Off

Chancellor Robert Hemenway is now concerned about access for people with disabilities and that's great. However, the chancellor's office and various parking garages on campus do not contain automatic door openers. When will the university address these issues?

Lynn Bretz, a Kansas University spokeswoman, provided this answer: "After his 'job exchange' experience using a wheelchair on campus Nov. 12, Chancellor Hemenway asked Mary Ann Rasnak, director of the KU Academic Achievement and Access Center, for a list of ways to improve accessibility for students.

"Rasnak identified 13 entrances and passageways needing automatic door openers, at an estimated cost of $5,000 each. The chancellor has added $25,000 to an existing allocation that will pay for installing automatic door openers at nine of those sites. Work will begin as soon as possible. Any leftover funds will be used to upgrade as many as possible of the remaining doors this fiscal year."


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