Sound Off

How did the KU Medical Center get Tom Skerritt, the actor, to make a commercial for the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City? Is he a Missouri or Kansas resident?

Dennis McCulloch, a hospital spokesman, said the ad staff wanted to use a spokesman to describe the difference between an academic medical center and a community hospital.

"Once that decision was made, Tom Skerritt quickly jumped to the top of the list because of his ties to Middle America (he grew up in Michigan) and his reputation as someone who would not do an endorsement without believing in the cause," McCulloch said.

McCulloch noted that the hospital is separate from the university, so no tax dollars were used to make the ad.


DCrat 7 years, 2 months ago

The radio commercials with his voice sound horrible, Tom Skerritt's voice is monotone and tedious to listen to. His voice has lost its timbre or something... Whenever they come on, I flip to another station. I understand why he is on the TV commercials, he has a very recognizable face but for just doesn't work!

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