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It would be interesting to know what the percentage salary increase was for faculty and staff, both classified and unclassified, at Kansas University. And how does that compare with the athletic department?

Lynn Bretz, KU spokeswoman, said, "A 4.5 percent merit pool (increase) was available to KU unclassified staff, and a 5.5 percent merit pool was available to faculty. Raises for unclassified staff were effective July 3. Raises for academic-year faculty (are) effective Aug. 18. All increases were based on merit, limited to the merit pool available within each department. There was no flat, across-the-board percentage increase.

"All eligible KU classified staff received a 1.25 percent salary increase effective June 5. With the conversion to the new KU university support staff system approved by the regents in July, these staff members became eligible for an additional 1.75 percent increase effective July 3. The university is in the process of allocating another 1.5 percent merit pool, to be effective Sept. 11, so that the total percent increase matches that for unclassified staff.

"Athletics follows university policies when determining salary increases."


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