Sound Off

Why is Buford Watson Park looking so ratty lately? There are weeds around the trains and in the flowerbed and everything. I was just wondering why the city's letting it get so messy looking.

Watson Park has been challenging to maintain this year, city officials said. They said water line and street construction projects along Sixth Street affected access and watering in the park. In addition to these projects, there was intersection construction at Seventh and Kentucky streets and a new water slide installed at the pool. On top of the construction, Watson Park was established as a pesticide-free park in June. City crews have been experimenting with a variety of non-pesticide products for weed control and have been working to establish a volunteer weed pulling program. All of these things have temporarily affected the overall quality and appearance of the park. Parks and Recreation leaders said the park looks better now than it did a few weeks ago and anticipate by fall it will be back in shape.


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