Sound Off

After reading the story from Nov. 4 regarding the auction of items from the Castle Tea Room, I'm curious if you know when they plan to re-open?

The Castle Tea Room, 1307 Mass., will reopen. But when that will happen is uncertain, James Dillon, a Lawrence accountant and chairman of the Libuse Kriz-Fiorito Historical Foundation, said.

"We're doing renovations at the moment," Dillon said.

The historic Castle Tea Room closed after its former owner, Libuse "Libby" Kriz-Fiorito, died last year. Kriz-Fiorito had owned the Castle Tea Room since 1947.

The Libuse Kriz-Fiorito Historical Foundation now owns the building, built in 1894 by John N. Roberts, a retired Civil War general and industrialist.


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