Sound Off

Who can be contacted to get signage on Interstate 70 changed? It seems to me the west Lawrence interchange ought to actually be the central Lawrence interchange and the Lecompton interchange should be west Lawrence.

The Lawrence interchange signs are incorrect, if you follow national traffic control standards, according to Tom Wurdeman, chief engineer for the Kansas Turnpike Authority. Under the national standards, the east Lawrence interchange actually should say: "U.S. Highways 24, 40 and Lawrence." The west interchange should say U.S. 59 South and Lawrence."

There is no such city as "East Lawrence" nor is there a city called "West Lawrence." Such terminology is not used in signage for most other cities along turnpikes nationwide. But the "east" and "west" Lawrence designations have been used since the Turnpike was built in 1956, Wurdeman said.

The signs will be changed to meet standards, however, when the interchanges and the turnpike's Kansas River bridge are revamped in a major project in 2009, Wurdeman said.


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