Sound Off

I travel Kansas Highway 10 and in Douglas County on the roadsides I see lots of Canada thistles, which are noxious weeds and supposed to be controlled.

The Kansas Department of Transportation has checked K-10 and did not find any Canada thistles, which also are known as Russian thistles, said Earl Bosack, KDOT area engineer responsible for Douglas County. Workers did find teasel thistle, he said.

Canada thistle is considered a noxious weed. Teasel thistle is not, Bosak said. Thistles were examined by Kansas University horticultural experts to verify their type.

When noxious thistles are found, they are either immediately cut or sprayed, Bosak said. Nevertheless, KDOT now is in the process of mowing the thistles along K-10, no matter what type they are.


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