Sound Off

How does the salary package of the man who succeeded Lew Perkins at Connecticut compare to Perkins' package at Kansas?

Jeff Hathaway, a former UConn assistant athletic director who had been athletic director at Colorado State University before being hired to replace Perkins, earns a base salary of $240,000, plus a $65,000 annuity for media and public promotions, according to the Hartford Courant. Hathaway also receives automobile, travel and country club membership perks. Hathaway oversees 23 intercollegiate sports as well as the intramurals and recreation department.

Perkins receives a base salary of $420,000 at Kansas, plus $100,000 for media appearances. He also receives auto, travel and country club membership perks, and can pocket another $25,000 if he meets performance objectives. Perkins oversees 18 intercollegiate sports at KU, but he is not in charge of intramurals and recreation.


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