Sound Off

Was Daniel Boone's grandson really the first white man born in Kansas as it says on the highway marker between Lawrence and Perry?

"As far as I know, that's still accepted, though I tend to be cautious about firsts," said Virgil Dean, editor of Kansas History magazine.

The marker refers to Daniel Morgan Boone's son, Napoleon, born Aug. 22, 1828, during his father's stint as an "agricultural agent" at the nearby Kanza Indian Agency. At the time, the Boones were one of only two or three white families known to be living in the Indian-occupied territory.

Ken Kamper, historian and member of The Boone Society board of directors, said the marker was "absolutely correct."

Daniel Morgan Boone and his wife, Sarah, are buried in the Boone Hays Cemetery at 63rd Street and Brooklyn Avenue in Kansas City, Mo.


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