Sound Off

Is it legal for a teacher or administrator to use his classroom or the daily announcements to promote a political ideology? This has happened a lot in one of the Lawrence high schools, and I'd like to know if anything should be done about it.

The Board of Education's Controversial Topics Policy encourages impartial study of controversial issues so students have opportunities to explore such issues in an environment free from prejudice, said Julie Boyle, director of communications for the Lawrence Public Schools.

The Board's Political Activities Policy states, "Professional employees shall not use school time, school property, or school equipment for the purpose of furthering the interests of any political party, the campaign of any political candidate, or the advocacy of any political issue."

"We encourage any student or parent with a concern to discuss it with the teacher or principal," Boyle said. "Or the student may put the complaint in writing for prompt investigation by the school principal."


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