Sound Off

I see that Kansas University says faculty salaries will increase 6 percent. But I understand some people won't be getting that.

David Shulenburger, provost and executive vice chancellor, said: "The average salary for continuing faculty will increase by 6 percent. Some of that will be in the form of merit salary increases, and some will come as promotion increments, but the result will be an increase of 6 percent in salaries. "The provost's office gave to each school sufficient funds for a 6 percent increase with the instruction that all of it be used for faculty salary increases. Each of the schools and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has a slightly different policy about how much of the increase they have departments assign and how much they assign directly from the dean's office. However they choose to distribute the responsibility between departments and central offices, the result will be a 6 percent increase for continuing faculty."


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