Sound Off

I was looking in the Journal-World Friday, June 25, Lawrence & State, "Regents approve raises for CEOs: Chancellor to receive 4 percent increase." My question is: Didn't he just get a huge increase less than a year ago?

Hemenway's raise from the state for the 2003-2004 school year was 1.5 percent, the same as all state employees. However, the interest from a $1 million endowed gift from Charley Oswald of Edina, Minn., raised Hemenway's salary by $50,000 a year. Overall, his salary increased 24 percent last year, from $219,420 to $272,711.

Hemenway's new salary approved by the Board of Regents will be $231,619 from the state. The $50,000 in private funds will raise his overall salary to around $281,619.


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