Sound Off

There has been conflicting information published recently about the age of consent in Kansas for sexual intercourse. Is it 14 or 16?

The answer isn't that simple, because "age of consent" isn't a legal term under Kansas law, Douglas County Dist. Atty. Christine Kenney said.

In general, having sex with someone age 16 or older is legal, and having sex with someone under 16 would fall under one of a handful of Kansas criminal statutes.

l If an adult has sex with a child under 14, it's classified as rape.

l If an adult, 19 or older, has sex with someone 14 or 15, it's considered "aggravated indecent liberties with a child," a lower-level offense.

l If the adult is under 19 and has "voluntary" sex with someone 14 or 15 -- as long as the two people are less than four years apart in age -- the crime is "unlawful voluntary sexual relations."


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