Sound Off

In Sunday's paper, on page 12C, there's an advertisement about cable theft that asks, "Is it really worth it?" How much money does Sunflower Cable lose per year from cable theft? And what does it cost to run this ad in the paper for the year?

"With the recent addition of many advanced services, such as telephone and high-definition television, the potential lost revenue has risen significantly," said Patrick Knorr, general manager of Sunflower Broadband. "Based on national statistics and the services we provide, it is likely well over $1 million annually. Not only does this penalize our paying customers, but this also penalizes taxpayers by reducing sales tax and franchise contributions in the communities we serve.

"As a result, we are more aggressively pursuing cable theft both through public information campaigns like the ad you are referring to and through the courts. The cost to do these things is significantly less than the potential revenue lost."


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