Sound Off

Can you tell me who's on the committee that's advising Kansas University Athletic Corporation on how to go about distributing next season's men's basketball season tickets?

Committee members from Lawrence are: Justin Anderson, Barbara Ballard, Ray Bechard, Lynn Bretz, Tracy Bunge, Tony Daniels, Ray Davis, Don Fambrough, Sidney Garrett, Harry Gibson, John Hadl, Richard Johnson, Mike Maddox, Danny Manning, Kathleen McCluskey-Fawcett, Tom Mulinazzi, Molly Mulloy, John Novotny, Miles Schnaer, Dale Seuferling, Don Steeples, Todd Sutherland, Scott Ward, Lynette Woodard.

¢ Overland Park: Sarah Gonzalez and Drue Jennings

¢ Wichita: Jeff Johnson, Jeff Kennedy and Kurt Watson.

¢ Leawood: Brian McRae and David Wentz.

¢ Topeka: Mike McCoy and Mark Morris.

¢ Others: Bill Bunyan, Dodge City; Jack Clevenger, Kansas City, Mo.; Jay Howard, Austin, Tex.; David Jaynes, Beverly Hills, Calif.; Tom Kelly, Oak Brook, Ill.; Brett Knoff, Lenexa; Andrew Knopp, Manhattan; Maggie Mason, Elmira, Ontario; Curtis McClinton, Kansas City, Kan.; Kevin Sparks, Olathe.


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