Sound Off

Many nationwide phone companies offer unlimited long distance for a set fee each month. I was wondering if Sunflower Broadband was planning on doing anything like that.

"Many companies are offering 'unlimited' long distance plans," said Patrick Knorr, Sunflower Broadband's general manager. "However, the vast majority of phone users use less than 100 minutes of long distance every month. These 'unlimited' packages result in bills well over $50, and most customers actually end up paying significantly more money than they need to. These plans also have fine print that restricts how those minutes are used and allows a customer to be dropped if they do not fit the company's usage model. "Sunflower does not offer such a plan for two reasons: One, we do not like to use gimmicks to attract customers; we prefer to focus on presenting real value to our customers. Two, as we are not a national company, we cannot spread the cost of a few high users out among millions of lines."


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