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Who's the artist that made the "Wedge" statue in the new roundabout at 19th Street and Barker Avenue, and how much did the city pay for it?

The creator of the "Mighty Steel Wedge" is Jason Lumetta. City officials inherited the piece after Lumetta did not pick it up after it was shown in the 1998 Downtown Lawrence Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition. The city paid Lumetta and all the other artists selected for the 1998 show a $500 honorarium.


Jlumetta 6 years, 9 months ago

I would like to clear the record from my perspective. I came back to pick up my sculpture after the one year instillation. Since my peice required heavy equipment to move, it was a scheduled event. While I was there to pick up my sculpture, one of the city workers wanted to keep the sculpture for a future placement. I agreed as long as I was properly noted for the sculpture.

So if you will, please stop accusing me of not coming back to pick up my sculpture or making it seem like it was a burden to the city. I was ask and I ok donating my sculpture to the city for a future home which is now placed in a roundabout.

The honorarium was given to all artists who were selected, but this did not mean the city purchased the art work. I donated this peice because the city worker felt it was a great peice for the community, which I agreed. On a side note, I was a selected artist twice for this honorarium. Each year there were different judges who decided on the final artists. I had graduated from KCAI May 1998 with a BFA in Sculpture and still lived in the area till 2000.

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