Sound Off

What happens when someone arrives at their destination on the turnpike and they discover they don't have the toll?

"We ask them if they can write a personal check, or if they have a credit or debit card," said Alan Bakaitis, toll operations director for the Kansas Turnpike Authority. "We have recently equipped our toll plazas where they can accept credit or debit cards in all lanes, 24/7."

Such payments are reserved only for emergencies or as a "last resort," he said.

If a person still can't pay, Bakaitis said, the driver is asked for the name of a person who can be called to bring money while the driver waits.

If that doesn't work, the collector will summon the Kansas Highway Patrol. Provided the driver isn't in a stolen car or other kind of trouble, the driver would be asked to sign an agreement to pay the toll within a specified time.


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