Sound Off

With Kansas University's football team knocking on the door of a postseason bowl game, can you tell me KU's previous bowl appearances and the outcome of KU's bowl games?

Kansas is 3-5 in its eight bowl appearances. The Jayhawks:

¢ Lost the 1948 Orange Bowl, 20-14, to Georgia Tech;

¢ Won the 1961 Bluebonnett Bowl, 33-7, over Rice;

¢ Lost the 1969 Orange Bowl, 15-14, to Penn State;

¢ Lost the 1973 Liberty Bowl, 31-18, to North Carolina State;

¢ Lost the 1975 Sun Bowl, 33-19, to Pittsburgh;

¢ Lost the 1981 Hall of Fame Bowl, 10-0, to Mississippi State;

¢ Won the 1992 Aloha Bowl, 23-20, over Brigham Young; and

¢ Won the 1995 Aloha Bowl, 51-30, over UCLA.


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