Sound Off

I told my dad the biggest catfish ever caught in Kansas weighed about 250 pounds, but it turned out that fish was prehistoric. What is the biggest catfish ever caught in modern times?

Kansas Wildlife and Parks lists four records for catfish. The state blue catfish record is 94 pounds. The channel catfish record is 34 pounds, 11 ounces. The flathead catfish record is 123 pounds. The bullhead catfish record is 7 pounds, 5.4 ounces. The channel cat was caught in 1993 in the Kansas River in Douglas County by Kennith Bradford, of Lansing.

Although not listed by KDWP, it has been reported in several publications, including the Journal-World, that a channel cat weighing 36 1/2 pounds was caught in May, in the Mined Land Wildlife Area south of Pittsburg, by Rick Barnow of Chanute.


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