Sound Off

Who are the valedictorians of the class of 2003 at Free State and Lawrence high schools?

Free State: Hilda Audardottir-Goulay, Tim Belcher, Devon Bireta, Maggie Brooke, Merry Chadwick, Benjamin Cropp, Joshua Dugan, Dominique Duncan, Anne Kettle, Jameelah Lang, Lacey Luiña, Nathan Markham, Anne McEnroe, Dejon Neugebauer, Zachary Puckett, Mallory Richardson, Geoffrey Salvatore, Kayvon Sarraf, Collin Schmidt, Matthew Schwabauer, Eric Sheu, Dan Stahl.

LHS: Lia DeRoin, Bryn Gardner, Lindsay Garito, Andrew Monshizadeh, Douglas Raney, Ryan Rowland, Anne Weltmer and Jenna Wilcox.


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