Sound Off

I'm glad they've reopened County Road 1029, but why is the intersection with the Farmer's Turnpike still a four-way stop? I thought that would go away when the road reopened.

Keith Browning, Douglas County engineer and director of public works, said the traffic controls would remain until mid- to late summer for a simple reason: safety. "There is an accident history at that intersection," Browning said Nov. 21, after the road was reopened after two weeks of construction. "We were contemplating four-way stop signs before the project." The project is a $1.8 million overhaul of the 2.75-mile stretch of 1029 between the Farmer's Turnpike and Lecompton. The project will include construction of a curve connecting the two roads, eliminating the need for a four-way stop, Browning said.


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