Sound Off

On page 200 of Kathleen Sebelius' most recent contribution report (July 29, 2002), the first entry lists a $100 check from: Marian Bulcao De Moraes of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Who is Marian Bulcao De Moraes and why did this person give Sebelius a contribution? Is this person a U.S. citizen? Why would Sebelius accept a contribution from someone in Brazil?

Nicole Corcoran-Basso, a spokeswoman for Sebelius, said Marian Bulcao De Moraes was the mother of the woman who is married to Sebelius' father, John Gilligan, who lives in Ohio. The contributor is a U.S. citizen who married a Brazilian man, and they live in both the U.S. and Brazil. She and Sebelius recently met at Sebelius' father's house and the woman decided to contribute to Sebelius' campaign for governor.


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