Sound Off

Who's on the board of directors for the Watkins museum? Didn't they shrink its size?

Yes, last week, the board of directors for the Douglas County Historical Society - which runs the Watkins Community Museum of History, 1047 Mass. - agreed to trim the board's size from 22 to 18 members.

Here is a list of the volunteer directors, and what year their terms are scheduled to end:

¢ 2003: Dennis Dailey, Al Ballard, Betty Jo Charlton, Steve Glass, Lawrence Good and Bob Piller.

¢ 2004: Jerry Niebaum, Ralph King, Patty Johnston, Sondra McCoy and Lew Phillips.

¢ 2005: George Catt, Phil Godwin, Martha Harris, Stan Hernly, David Longhurst, Jim Martin and Faye Watson.


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