Sound Off

In the Lawrence school superintendent's restructuring of the administration, to save money, is it true he appointed two principals, one secondary and one elementary, to be liaisons to his office? Do these principals go to special meetings and carry the district's emergency telephone a few times a year? Are they paid a "stipend" of $12,000 per year?

Supt. Randy Weseman created the liaison positions two years ago. Mick Lowe, principal of West Junior High School, represented secondary principals this year. Principals Lesa Franz of Pinckney School and Paulette Strong of Quail Run School shared the assignment for elementary schools. They attended special administrative meetings, sharing input of principals with administrators and later reporting thoughts of administrators to principals.

Liaisons share the job of carrying the district's "hot" phone, which allows one administrator to always be on duty in case of emergency. Lowe's stipend is $1,200 annually, he said. Franz and Strong split that amount.


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