Sound Off

With all this talk about the West Nile virus, is it safe to go out in the Baker Wetlands? Aren't there a bunch of mosquitoes in the standing water?

Roger Boyd, chairman of the biology department and director of natural areas for Baker University, can't guarantee that you won't get bitten by a mosquito in the wetlands.

But he likes your chances.

"I tell everybody that comes out there, I have more mosquitoes in my backyard than we have in the wetlands," said Boyd, who manages the natural area. "I do stand behind that. The reason is because there are a lot of things in wetlands that eat mosquitoes.

"And the main one that we have is a fish called the mosquito fish. It looks like a guppy, and it can swim in water (a few inches) deep, and so it does a very effective job of clearing up mosquitoes."


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