Sound Off

Could you please list the tuition and fee rates for the state universities?

According to Kansas University's Office of Institutional Research and Planning, resident, undergraduate tuition and fees for this year are KU, $1,441.74 per semester; Kansas State University, $1,417.25; Wichita State University, $1,428.50; Emporia State University, $1,142; Pittsburg State University, $1,169; and Fort Hays State University, $1,108.50.

Nonresident, undergraduate tuition and fees are KU, $4,905.25; Kansas State, $4,880.75; Wichita State, $4,817; Emporia State, $3,568.60; Pittsburg State, $3,595.60; and Fort Hays State, $3,535.10.


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