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I need to know how you can oust a local elected official from office before the end of the term? What conditions have to be there before we can put a person out of office?

According to Kansas statutes, the recall of a local officer is proposed by filing a petition with the election officer of the county in which all or the greater part of the population of the election district of the local officer is located, if not a school district. If the election district is a school district, the petition must be filed in the home county of the school district. Douglas County Clerk Patty Jaimes is this area's election officer.

Before circulating a petition, a copy must be sent to the county's counselor, who will determine if there is sufficient grounds for the recall, such as conviction of a felony, misconduct in office or failure to perform duties as described by law.

A petition for recall cannot be filed during the first 120 days of the office's term or within less than 180 days of the end of the term for the local officer sought to be recalled.


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