Sound Off

Did Douglas County Treasurer Pat Wells hire more employees to work at the two new satellite offices or was some of the help taken away from the original office? I've noticed that since these offices have opened that the line in the courthouse seems to be longer, and there seems to be fewer people working. Some of the people who work in the downtown area still would rather go to the courthouse than use the satellite office that is closer to their house.

Since the two new offices opened last year, Wells said she did not hire any new employees. She requested money in this year's budget to hire an additional employee, but the county commission did not approve it.

Instead, Wells said she asked her staff where they would like to work, and everyone fitted into one of four offices. There are two clerks at Dillon's, 3000 W. Sixth St., two at 2708 W. 27th St., one in Baldwin and five at the county courthouse, 1100 Mass. She said she does have two positions open now, but she hopes to fill them within the next week.


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