Sound Off

Who can I contact about a child support prosecutor who has a personal grudge against people?

It depends on who's handling your case. If it's the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, you should call your area SRS office and ask to speak to the supervisor in charge of child support enforcement. If your case is in Douglas or Franklin County, call Carla Nakata, 832-3840.

If your case is being handled by a court trustee's office, call the office and ask for the person in head trustee. In Douglas County, that person is Susan Kang, who can be reached by calling 832-5315, press 7.

You're also free to contact the state Office of Judicial Administration in Topeka, (785) 296-2256.

Be aware, however, that noncustodial parents' obligation to pay child support is clearly defined by state and federal laws.


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