Sound Off

In a recent paper, there was a picture of a bank thermometer with a caption that says the bank sign reads 107 degrees, but the official temperature was only 100. Where do you get your official readings?

The Journal-World prints the official highs and lows as measured by the National Weather Service and reported via WeatherData Inc. in Wichita. Meterologist Chad Pettera explained the difference between temperatures:

"Bank thermometers are usually pretty correct for where they're located, but it's usually inside a tin shed above a parking lot or other pavement. The National Weather Service doesn't take their readings like that. They take it out at the airport, usually over a grassy surface" so that sun-heated pavement and tin isn't raising the air temperature.

Because of pavement in urban areas, it is going to be warmer downtown 99 percent of the time, Pettera said.


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