Sound Off

<I>Why did the Journal-World put out papers with the headline "Bush Winning" and yet another one that said "Outcome in Limbo"? I'm curious to learn what caused this inconsistency.</I>

We call it good newspapering.

About 3,200 papers went out Wednesday with a banner headline that read "Bush likely winner." The page was put together just before our 3:14 a.m. presstime when wire services were calling George W. Bush the election winner, although there was some question about Florida balloting.

After the J-W presses started, new information made it clear the election was anything but decided. At that point, a new front page with the headline "Outcome in Limbo" and accompanying story was made up. The presses were stopped, and a majority of J-W readers received what turned out to be the latest, most accurate newspaper election reports in the region.


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