Sound Off

<i>Why, when there has been so much discussion on equity issues in the school district, is the three-year, $1.9 million grant received by the school district for after-school programs being used for east side schools? The schools that already have after-school programs in place are on the east side of town.</i>

The Lawrence public school district is committed to raising the academic achievement of students as well as addressing equity issues.

Marlene Merrill, director of assessment and grants for the school district, said grants provide additional resources to assist the district in meeting some of its needs.

"However, grant sources select only those projects that fulfill their priorities and requirements," she said. "All grant proposals include a section where the applicant must show that its demonstrated needs match the criteria that the grant funder is willing to support."

"The 21st Century Community Learning Center grants fund only those programs that target schools that serve high numbers of socio-economically disadvantaged students," she said.


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