Sound Off

<EM>Why did the city allow PitchWeekly to install all these delivery boxes downtown on Massachusetts Street? Some of them are right next to the street and some are blocking the walkways. They're all over and they stick out and look gaudy. Also, for another thing, the magazine itself is sex orientated. I think we need to get rid of them.</EM>

According to Lawrence city manager Mike Wildgen, PitchWeekly is responsible for the boxes being installed. Wildgen has advised Chris Dulin, PitchWeekly's circulation director, that the city has designated areas for the newspaper racks.

All publications have a First Amendment right to distribute on public right of ways, Wildgen said, but the city may regulate where the racks can go. PitchWeekly officials will meet with city staff Thursday to come to an agreement on appropriate locations for the boxes.

"I have made it clear to him that the city and many of the public do not agree with what they have done," Wildgen said.


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