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<EM>Who does KDOT answer to regarding decisions on U.S. Highway 59 and U.S. Highway 24, and who can I contact if I have a concern about the decisions on those roadways?</EM>

According to state statute, Kansas' secretary of transportation -- Dean Carlson -- has the authority to make changes to the state highway system when those changes are required for reasons of public safety, convenience, economy, classification or reclassification. But any action that would result in removal from the state highway system would require an engineering study and a public hearing.

Although the secretary has authority to make final decisions, he is appointed by the governor and must ultimately answer to him. Any decisions involving federal money require approval from federal agencies, most often the Federal Highway Administration.

Gov. Bill Graves can be contacted at (800) 748-4408. Local federal highway officials can be reached at (785) 267-7281.


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