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Could you please print the schedule for the summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, and tell me where I can pick up a schedule of the telecast events?

The Summer Olympics in Sydney will run from Sept. 15 to Oct. 1. As the Olympics draw closer, the Journal-World will run the daily schedule. For an early look, check the Internet at For NBC's telecast schedule, point your Web browser to

Does the city have any plans, or have they been approached, to create a dog park that is fenced in and that would allow dogs to run free off-leash without getting in trouble? If not, how do we go about accomplishing this? I think there's a real need for it.

The Lawrence City Commission policy is that dogs must be on a leash throughout the city. There are no plans to provide exceptions. Areas outside of the city limits such as Clinton State Park may have rules that allow nonleashed dogs. Contact Mayor Jim Henry at 842-6879 for information about approaching the city commission with your idea.


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