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Q. What information is contained in the Kansas Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act 59-25, 121, paragraph c? The residents of the mobile home park would like to have this information.

. Dorian Heironimus, a tenant-landlord counselor with Housing & Credit Counseling, Inc., 2518 Ridge Court, said this section of the act requires landlords to keep records of the homes they rent space to.

"A required standarized registration form shall be filled out by each tenant upon rental of a mobile home space, showing the mobile home make, year, and serial number. If there is a lien on the mobile home (it must also show) the lien owner and who is the legal owner of the mobile home," the act states. "The registration card or form shall be kept on file with the landlord as long as the mobile home is on the mobile home space in the mobile home park."

Heironimus said many mobile home landlords simply ask for a photocopy of the mobile home's title.

"I had one caller who called and was very upset. He said, 'They want a copy of my title,'" Heironimus said. "There's a lot of suspicion. They were sure the owner would have a copy of the title and could take the home from them, but it's pretty standard."

Q: Somebody in our neighborhood just built a workshop out of old, rusty, corrugated metal right on the alley, and it looks awful. Is it legal to build a structure out of that type of material?

A: The best way to find an answer to this question is for a building inspector to inspect the structure. Contact Gene Shaughnessy, chief building inspector, at 832-3100.


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