Sound Off

<I>There is a bed and breakfast north of town that has been in operation for almost a year. This bed and breakfast put in a lagoon instead of a septic tank like the rest of the rural people. Why did they get a lagoon that you can smell within a 5-mile radius of the house? Everyone else in Douglas County had to get a septic tank.</I>

The Victorian Veranda Country Inn, which opened for business last June, is located north of Lawrence at 1431 N. 1900 Road and has 10 guest rooms with their own bathrooms.

The essential reason why that bed and breakfast has a lagoon rather than a septic tank is because of the volume of wastewater it generates, said Richard Ziesenis, director of environmental health for the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department.

He said the bed and breakfast is not considered a typical household, with three to four people, because it provides service for a lot more people on a daily basis. Thus, he said, a lagoon was needed because it has more capacity than a traditional septic system.

Ziesenis said the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is the entity that regulates commercial lagoons like this one.

Rob Phillips, also general manager of The Eldridge Hotel, owns the Victorian-style house on the 57-acre site.


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