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<I> When is the new pool rate increase going to take effect? Where are scholarships and free tickets available for underprivileged kids in Lawrence? </I>

The recommendation for daily rate increases for swimming pools is part of the budget process for 2001, said Fred DeVictor, city director of Parks and Recreation. If approved with the budget, they would take effect next year. Scholarship information for swimming and any Parks and Recreation program is available at South Park Recreation Center, 1141 Mass., or by calling 832-7932. Swim tickets are available from agencies such as the United Way, Boys and Girls Club and Ministerial Alliance.

Are they going to amend the 19th Street no parking zones during the week of the fair? With the new building there, there won't be nearly enough parking.

No, the city does not plan to amend its recently installed no parking signs along 19th Street by the Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds, City Engineer Terese Gorman said.

Last month, the city commission approved the installation of those signs to make room for new bicycle lanes per the city's bicycle comparability study. The study proposed building the lanes and the no parking signs for the safety of bicycle riders along 19th Street. Gorman said the city will mark the bike lanes as part of its summer projects.

In the past, she said, the city has approved requests to temporarily remove parking areas for special events but has never had a request to allow parking in a no parking area.


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