Sound Off

<i>In the Lawrence Business Ledger, the article regarding Larry Kipp's candidacy for county commissioner in the 3rd district mentions that he and his wife have several businesses on the East Coast and in Canada. What kind of business do they run?</i>

Larry and Elizabeth Kipp have been part-owners of BMR Land Company in Bayside, New Brunswick, Canada, for 17 years through the Kipp Family Limited Partnership, which includes other partners.

The company builds and sells homes, Larry Kipp said. The Kipps also own stock in Central Software Ltd. in Ludlow, New Brunswick, through the partnership. Larry Kipp has owned TSN Publishing Inc., in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., for six years, but it's been in the family for almost 20 years. The company publishes a softball newsletter and two magazines, Out and About, and Handi, which is for people with disabilities.

Kipp also owns a small fishing camp and hunting lodge in New Brunswick. Larry Kipp lived in New Brunswick and was an university research associate there for eight years.

The Kipps also have two rental properties in Wilmington, Del., and two vacant houses in Lawrence, and they own stock in several other companies.


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