Sound Off

<EM>Why did the county public works engineer change from calcium-chloride to some other solution for dust prevention this year? It isn't working as well.</EM>

According to Keith Browning, Douglas County engineer and director of public works, the bids received for calcium-chloride were higher this year than in the past. Bids for magnesium-chloride came in much lower, so it was used.

The prices offered for calcium-chloride ranged from 46 cents to 50 cents per gallon while the prices for magnesium-chloride came in between 35 cents and 38 cents per gallon. The county uses more than 72,000 gallons for the season

"We're collecting 40 cents per linear foot" for dust control, Browning said. "And with calcium-chloride, we wouldn't even cover the cost of material."

Browning also said there were other variables controlling the effectiveness of dust-prevention programs. Because this has been such a dry spring, he said, some roads could be experiencing more dust.


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