Sound Off

<I>With the shootings on 15th Street and arrests made on Prairie Street, will any of these properties be considered disorderly or nuisance houses? How will the ordinance work? Will the ordinance be put into effect immediately and actually acted upon?

David Corliss, assistant city manager, said an arrest of one person is not sufficient to trigger the disorderly house nuisance ordinance. The ordinance, which became official July 10, requires city staff to review convictions of people associated with a particular house.

Corliss said they will review the convictions and other relevant issues to determine whether to proceed under the ordinance.

In Bob Schumm's county commission advertising, he is opposing using farm land to establish minimum-wage type jobs. Since he is in the restaurant business, what is his definition of these jobs and what does he oppose about that?

Comparing American Eagle Outfitters' jobs to positions in the restaurant business, Schumm said, is like comparing apples to oranges.

"I'm not receiving an 80 percent tax abatement, which is a major difference," he said.

Schumm said he is opposed to giving businesses high tax abatements when the county's budget is strained and there's not enough classrooms.

Also, he said American Eagle officials themselves have defined the warehouse jobs as minimum-wage type jobs. The average starting pay at the American Eagle facility would be less than $20,000 a year.


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