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<i>Is it true that the city is going to put a concrete road through the middle of Prairie Park? If it is true, is there a better alternative than putting a concrete road in the middle of Prairie Park?</i>

City Manager Mike Wildgen said there are no plans to put a road through Prairie Park, which is in extreme southeast Lawrence.

I notice the sculptures on Massachusetts Street downtown have been replaced. So I'm wondering what happened to the old sculptures?

According to Michael Tubbs, the city's staff liaison to the Lawrence Arts Commission, last year's pieces are in the process of being returned to their respective artists.

Each year, the city signs an agreement with selected artists whose works are displayed downtown. Under the agreement, the sculptures remain on display for a year, and each artist is paid a $500 honorarium.

Is there a prostate cancer support group in Lawrence. If not, how can one be started?

No known group exists in Lawrence. For advice on starting one you might contact an existing group elsewhere, such as the University of Missouri-Kansas City's Bloch Cancer Center, 5300 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, Mo., 64110. Phone is (816) 235-5825. The e-mail address is cancercenter@

You could also call the American Cancer Society, Topeka, at (785) 273-4422 or (800) 359-1025.


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