Sound Off

<I>Are the fire trucks and their equipment able to maneuver roundabouts?</I>

Yes they are, City Manager Mike Wildgen said.

As a homeowner, I have to mow my yard, trim the bushes and remove dead trees, yet on Clinton Parkway and Crestline Drive, which is KU property, the grass isn't mowed, there are dead trees and the bushes are never trimmed. It looks like a jungle. Why can these people get away with it and I can't?

According to information from Kansas University's office of university relations, KU's facilities and operations department maintains approximately 960 acres of Lawrence campus property with 27 landscape staff, or about 36 acres per person.

The entrance to the Shenk Complex from Clinton Parkway and Crestline Drive is regularly mowed and trimmed. However, the mowing extends only to the tree line of the undeveloped portion of West Campus, maintaining the natural habitat beyond the tree line. All dead trees in the timber along the Clinton Parkway right-of-way between Crestline Drive and Lawrence Avenue are marked during the summer months and then cut in the winter.


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