Sound Off

<I>Q: Why doesn't the county commission publish its agenda every week? What do the commissioners have to hide?</I>

The Douglas County Commission follows the same practice as other local governing bodies and releases its agenda and backup materials to the media a few days in advance of a meeting. The media then decides what to publish in advance.

The Journal-World does a precede for each county commission meeting that highlights the important items. The public can pick up an agenda at the county courthouse or view it on the Web at

The commissioners have nothing to hide because they do make the agendas available in advance.

Q: We were in the county treasurer's office recently. The person next to me was paying property taxes after the June 20 deadline. I was stunned to hear that the penalties were being waived. Why were the penalties being waived for those paying after the deadline? Does the treasurer have the right to waive penalties at her discretion? Is there a law to allow such action? If the deadline was changed, it would have been nice to share that with the rest of the people.

A: Douglas County Treasurer Pat Wells said she waived some penalties because her office had not received all the mail postmarked June 20 yet. Therefore, she said she thought it wasn't fair to charge people who came into the office to pay a few days after the deadline.

Yes, treasurers do have the right to waive penalties at their discretion. The deadline was not changed.

Q: Is the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center a for-profit or nonprofit organization?

A: Bert Nash is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation.


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