Sound Off

<EM>Recent pictures of Allen Fieldhouse reveal a disgrace of the tradition that it houses. When will sandblasting be done?</EM>

"We've looked into it on several occasions," Darren Cook, KU's director of facilities said. "There's a cost factor that has prevented us from moving ahead. We know we need to clean it. We just haven't had the opportunity or the funds. We're putting money into other projects that people have noticed, like Memorial Stadium, Horejsi (Family Athletics Center), Hoglund ballpark and improvements inside Allen Fieldhouse. There's only a certain amount of money, and you can only spread it so far."

Cook has championed an Allen Fieldhouse cleanup campaign for years. Six or seven years ago, he learned it would cost about $60,000 to clean the outside of KU's venerable basketball barn.

"It's on our list of things to get done," Cook said. "But there's always something on the list ahead of it, like a place for women to go to the rest room. We don't think it's not important. We just haven't had the cash to get it done."

And if KU coach Roy Williams made a clean fieldhouse a condition of returning?

"I'd be out there tomorrow, cleaning it with a toothbrush," Cook said.


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