Sound Off

<i>Why is Eagle Bend charging holiday prices on Monday? Monday isn't the Independence Day holiday, Tuesday is.</i>

"We're going with holiday prices because everybody is taking Monday (July 3) off as a holiday," said Jim Kane, head golf professional at Eagle Bend. "Other local golf courses are doing the same thing."

Holiday and weekend rates at Eagle Bend are $17.50 for 18 holes.

I just read in the paper that school lunches are going up. What are the income guidelines for free and reduced lunches? Are the guidelines changing?

Paula Murrish, director of food service for the Lawrence school district, said the district hadn't received the federal government's new income guidelines for the reduced-meal program in the 2000-2001 academic year.

She said the district typically forwards that information in July to the Journal-World for publication. That will be the approach again this year, she said.

On Monday, the school board approved new prices for school meals. Increases ranged from 10 cents to 15 cents per meal.

Murrish said the district didn't change the price of meals in the reduced-price program.

When classes resume, she said, a reduced-price breakfast will cost a student 30 cents. The reduced-price lunch will be 40 cents.


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