Sound Off

On my regular route to work the morning of Nov. 9, the Douglas County roads were all icy to the county line at Osage County and then the ice disappeared. Obviously, Osage County salted the roads. Did Douglas County neglect to salt the roads and what is their usual procedure when we get ice like we had the other morning?

Keith Browning, Douglas County director of Public Works, said several of the county's bridges were icy Nov. 8, so a crew put sand and salt on the bridges but not on the roads. On the following day, he said, the department's superintendent checked the roads early in the morning and then called a half-crew to put sand and salt on some of the roads.

"Our normal procedure is that we monitor the weather, and we have someone on call 24/7," he said. "We do our best to anticipate a storm and have men who go out in advance."

Browning said people can check on the county's road conditions and where crews have done work by calling 832-5155.


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