Sound Off

I was reading the letter to the editor from the lady who had to pay $10 for a demolition derby ticket for her 16-month-old grandson at this year's Douglas County Free Fair. How many tickets were sold? What is the capacity at the arena? Where did all that money go?

The Douglas County Fair Board has charged $10 for admission to the demolition derby for nearly 20 years, said board President Roger Flory.

This year, he said, the fair sold approximately 3,400 tickets and probably could have sold a few more, but the bleachers already were full and people were standing. He said $3,000 to $5,000 of the derby's profits went toward prize money for the participants. The derby's promoter also received 10 percent of the gate, he said.

Overall, Flory said the fair barely breaks even with its profits because of the expenses for premiums, free entertainment, security guards and miscellaneous items. He said the board spent nearly $17,000 for premium awards and ribbons for 4-H club members and open class entrants.


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